On the other hand, Historical Horse Racing is exactly as its name implies. In horse racing, players refer to their most confident prediction of the day using a Nap. Some players mistake odds for meaning the chances of a horse winning the race. For instance, when the odds are higher, such a horse has a strong advantage to win. Although there is sometimes a correlation, this is not entirely true. Pegasus World Cup is another thoroughbred horse racing event that kicked off in January 2017.

  • Maximize your winnings with attractive bonuses and ongoing incentives.
  • Take a look at Neds’ best bets and long shot bets for Wednesday’s racing.
  • Let’s take a look at other ways in which betting odds are displayed.
  • We can’t predict if luck will be with us, and it is challenging to win.
  • Indeed, most horse racing betting strategies implore horseplayers to get up close and personal with the racers and the venues in order to make the most informed wagers.
  • The events are computer-generated simulations modeled on real-life races.

We have listed below the best gambling sites and apps for horse racing betting games and casino and horse racing betting options. Players need to remember at all times that instant horse racing betting is a different beast than real horse racing. Virtual horse racing is faster-paced and is always available, so players must treat it with more care. Online virtual horse racing betting is seductive for action seekers, but players should approach it with a healthy degree of caution. New races go off every minute or two on a continuous loop, day after day and week after week. Players must know when to stop because virtual horse racing never quits.

You will undoubtedly develop a better sense of identifying great bets with experience, but having some horse racing betting tips and strategies to fall back on can go a long way. Here is some advice to consider when betting on horse racing. Around race tracks, people often say, “I took that horse to win at 10-to-1 odds”. Let’s take a look at other ways in which betting odds are displayed. Make sure to check out our odds converter if you ever need some help.

Guide to Betting on Virtual Horse Racing

Single-race or vertical exotic includes Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, Superfecta, and Super Hi-Five. Multi-race or horizontal exotics include Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 wagers. The entire season can be played out over the course https://boo-casino.co.nz of an hour. You will have excellent effects and graphics in ply, so you almost feel like you are watching a live game. Usually, there will be a cap of four goals per game and the matches usually take about three minutes from start to finish.

Top 5 Betting Tips For Virtual Horse Racing

The live stream feature is a great perk of the TVG sportsbook. Also, various rewards and promos are available to spice up your betting experience. Soon, more centers were opened in other states like New York. As a result, bettors could place wagers into pari-mutuel wagering pools on races across the US and abroad. The Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978 kept OTB parlors open in the US.

Step 2: Deposit

Virtual Racing in several forms has been widely played in other countries like the UK for many years and has been hugely popular. It’s still a new concept here in the US but has been very well received by players. You get the same thrills, and there is no weather to worry about. Of course, there is nothing like visiting the track or a racino and experiencing the real thing, but this certainly comes a close second.


And as opposed to greyhound racing (which is also available in simulated form at the best legal betting sites), horses are expensive investments that owners take tremendous pride in. Virtual racing, of course, doesn’t use any historical data and isn’t based on real-life Cosmic Slot Casino horses, tracks, or other details. Remember, virtual horse racing is unbranded and “generic,” with no basis on real horses, tracks, or organizations. Beyond virtual horse racing, you can enjoy greyhound racing. Newbies get to enjoy exciting bonuses to explore the BetMGM.

Essentially, horse race bets were first placed at off-track betting parlors. Today, we have mobile horse racing sportsbooks to explore if we don’t want to leave our homes. Once you are using one of the trusted virtual horse racing sites, then you should have no issues when it comes to safety or fairness. Another popular virtual betting option will see you placing wagers on virtual greyhound races. There will usually be six dogs lining up at the start of the race on the oval track.

One of the most impotent aspects of being a successful bettor is by having a plan in place that you can follow. This is never going to be a perfect plan, but you can improve it over time as you learn from your wins and losses. Virtual horse racing will likely not be the only way that you place bets, so you should allocate your funds as needed to each type of offering. In horse racing betting, odds aren’t computed by experts statisticians, known as oddsmakers.

An example of a free bet promotion might be ‘bet £10 and get a £20 free bet’. A tricast bet is much like a forecast bet but gives you the option to predict the top three finishers in order rather than just two. Reverse tricasts see bettors picking three horses to finish in the top three places in any order. Interestingly, horse racing odds can also be represented in decimals. However, you should note that the result is a combination of both your net profit and wager.

Three Triple Crown races include the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes. Winning all these races is how a horse/jockey is declared an official Triple Crown winner. For example, if you place a $100 single-horse wager on a horse with +150 odds of winning, the payout would be $250 if you’re correct, regardless of what other people have wagered. Speed is still critical, but the horse’s and rider’s athleticism and coordination are paramount to success. Obstacles are centered around different jumps and can include all types of terrain, including dirt, mud, and water. The jumps themselves can also be hedges or other intricate designs.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining way to wager online, then virtual horse racing is one of the best ways to do it. With races available all the time, you can get the same race thrill on your mobile or computer as you would at a land-based race. Virtual racing is pure gambling, while real-world horse racing includes some element of skill. It is important to keep this difference in mind and accept the inherent risk in betting on simulated races. It is entirely possible to win money on any given day, but always remember the house has the advantage over the long term. Apart from off track betting, XBet also has a live betting section where a gambler can place a bet on horses online for games happening now. There’s a lot on how to bet on horse racing than simply going with your gut feeling.